Spring, Sun and Solitude; Careless Returns

Ten days ago spring began in London, UK and what is a better time than now to relaunch Careless and begin a new chapter in a life that I will shape myself; one that is free of fear and disappointments.

I often wonder why people choose to start new things in January or make resolutions that often don’t survive beyond few weeks, January in my personal view is a ‘beginning’ that is dictated by a calendar rather than nature, surely a new start should be combined when nature is blossoming to ensure the success of this new beginning. So here I am tying my best to move on and create a positive change in what has been a difficult 16 months from a health perspective.

I have come to the realisation that in solitude there is a peace of mind and peace within one self, where creativity breeds and passion grows to establish a change of some sort. Solitude does not need to be a negative state and contrary to a widespread belief solitude is a freewill choice not an enforced one. I do love to be surrounded by people, I like interacting with others and meeting new figures that I can learn from but when you are re-evaluating yourself and starting a new path then you need to be alone as you will be leading this new start alone.

Sometimes we have to test our strength and tolerance by doing things alone, relying on people constantly will eventually make you dependent and that can turn out to be a weakness as you will struggle to imagine life without them. I have learnt that the only certain thing in life is change, everything changes and especially people.

Don’t always follow others or follow what is expected because it will wear you down and can make you resentful, face your biggest fears, go against the tide and if you saw the entire world going in one direction then don’t be scared to go it alone in the opposing direction. The myth goes there is ‘strength in numbers’, well I hate to break it to you all but the only thing that exists in high number of people is conformity; you can be both different and strong.

Careless and I will begin this new chapter and share it with you our readers, we will explore the world from my little working corner at home in London, we will discover new people, analyse events, challenge attitudes and create a world that answers our questions and brings a new and clear ‘sun’ onto our horizon.


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