Ten things a child with Down syndrome needs to know about his/her mother.

  1. She was scared the most when she first knew about it. She felt lost, in fear of making any mistake or failing to do her job perfectly towards you. Perfection will be her aim which will also be her new definition to motherhood.
  2. She is the first one to believe in you. She is the first to see you, to love you and believes in every breath you take. You will allow her to look at the world from a different angle; one that she hasn’t planned for!
  3. She becomes the strongest woman for you and is ready to back you up in front of the whole world despite all that she will face.
  4. She introduces you to the whole world accepting the fact that you are different and no matter what, she will gain the courage from your eyes to force everyone around you to respect and love you
  5. She is proud of you! Proud of every step you take, every milestone you achieve, so don’t pity her she doesn’t need it!
  6. You inspire her, surprise her, and makes her eager with patience to wait for new things with you and live a new experience with you!
  7. Persistence, patience and guilt are three companions to her! She insists to prove to the whole world wrong for you no matter how long this takes; she will never stop doing it and will be very guilty if she was not there for you if you needed her.
  8. Your cuteness is not just a way to everyone’s heart! Your smartness is as well! You matter and the world needs you just like everyone else!
  9. She will stop anyone from asking “Is he/she normal?!”… Oh yes! He/she is normal! But he/she is not “typical”! and reminds you of her firm belief that if the world has billions of ‘normal’ people, this extra chromosome has added purity to your heart that is not found in the hearts of many of these billions of people
  10. Life is not a race so do it at your own pace! And I will be there watching and recording every step of the way…. Loving you unconditionally.


By Tasneem Tarek

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